Learning Vegas: Ripple Delete + Script

What is Ripple Video Editing and How to Use it in Sony Vegas

If you are into hardcore video editing with too many clips and media segments to work on, you must know the pain of micro-editing. Especially where the editing timeline has too many elements to work with, editing between the clips can be quite a task.

The biggest challenge is to rearrange the elements after you make a small change in the timeline. The gap that the video created while you trimmed it needs to be filled, and manually selecting the media files and moving them on the editing timeline can be tough. Also, if there’s more than one edit you are trying to make, you can imagine the kind of mess it might create.

ripple timeline

Trying out Ripple Editing is your best bet in such scenarios, And before we see how you can carry it out in Sony Vegas Pro, let me quickly tell you what it is and how it can be useful.

Note: Ripple Editing is available in many professional video editing tools and not just limited to Sony Vegas. This post will help you with general idea you can use on any professional editing tool.

Understanding Ripple Editing

In Ripple Editing, the entire timeline with various media files in different tracks is considered to be one ripple. Any disturbance in it is automatically adjusted by the subsequent clips automatically. So let’s say you shrink a clip, all the segments following that clip will automatically move forward to take up the empty space. Similarly, if you extend a clip, room will be made pushing all the other clips in the timeline.


This way, the continuity is intact and you don’t have to manually select clips to move them on the timeline. So in simple words, ripple editing is a way to edit timelines without leaving a gap in between.

How to Ripple Edit in Sony Vegas Pro

To edit tracks in the ripple mode in Sony Vegas, you need to enable it in the settings. By default, the option is disabled. In older versions of Sony Vegas, you could find the option as an icon in the toolbar. However, in the latest version, the option has been moved to the Options menu.

ripple option

You can also enable the option by using the shortcut key Ctrl+L and then continue with editing the timeline. That’s it. Once you have the option enabled all the clips will take up the empty space in the timeline when you edit the clips.

Things to Note In Ripple Editing

Ripple editing sure makes it easy to edit the clips on the timeline, but there are some points you need to look out for.

  • Ripple editing can dangerous if you have multiple tracks and if they are not grouped together. Therefore, always make sure you group the tracks to the audio which you want to be together before applying ripple effect.
  • While adding a new clip to a track, turn off the ripple editing. Once you have added the video, you can turn on ripple editing.
  • All tracks are affected while you edit in ripple mode. If you don’t want a track to me moved, like a master music track, lock it and then start editing.


So that was a brief info on Ripple editing and how to use it in Sony Vegas when you have multiple clips to deal with. In case of any doubts, please ask it in our form and we would be happy to help.


Method Nr. 1

Remove Track Gapswill remove any gaps that are in the selected track. This moves all of the media end-to-end from the start of the timeline. This should not be used on tracks where you want to maintain gaps in the media (such as title tracks). To use it, select the track(s) that you want to remove the gaps from and click the toolbar button

Method Nr. 2

Double-click the gap and press Delete then Ctrl + Shift + F to delete the gap and auto ripple the clips back in place.

Method Nr. 3

With Auto Ripple turned on. Double-click the gaps and press Delete to get rid of them and auto ripple the clips back in place.

Method Nr. 4

Copy and Paste the following code in Notepad and Save-As – preferredname.js

Remember to put “.js” at the end of the file name in order to initiate the jscript file.

* Program:
* Description: This script will Delete Empty Space Between Events In Selected Tracks
* Author: IronFox
* Date: March 3, 2017

import Sony.Vegas;
import System.Windows.Forms;
import Microsoft.Win64;

//time intervals for split events.


// step through all selected video events:
var FirstTrack : Track = Vegas.Project.Tracks.Item(0);

// step through all selected video events:
for (var track in Vegas.Project.Tracks) {
if( !track.Selected) continue;
var tracktime = new Timecode(0);
for (var evnt in track.Events) {
tracktime = tracktime + evnt.Length;

catch (errorMsg)
MessageBox.Show(errorMsg, “Error”, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation);


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