proDAD Mercalli 3 Standalone (Win32-64)


Mercalli V3 Windows® employs 3D video stabilization, which independently stabilizes the X, Y, and Z camera axis, delivering very good video stabilization results. Mercalli also employs some unique dynamic camera options that lets you precisely control the level of stabilization so the character of the video is retained.

Mercalli also incorporates highly effective rolling-shutter correction that is caused by the CMOS-sensor of many cameras. Rolling-shutter compensation can remove the wobble, jello, and skew from your videos during stabilization.

Even if a scene was fully stabilized the Rolling-Shutter remains and makes it unuseable – therefore Mercalli can remove also this video failures fully automatically!

Also new are proDAD’s SmartBorder ™ options  that reduces the need to zoom in during stabilization, leaving the borders of the original video intact.


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