Vegas Pro13 – Pixel Portal Opener/Slideshow Template

It is a smooth and yet dynamic animation. This template has a clean look, with transitions that are elegant and an uplifting mood. This can be used in a commercial (for restaurants, beauty salons, lifestyle, fashion, health clinics etc.) or as a slideshow for any project you have -it can show the highlights of your event (Wedding, Christening etc.).
The way it’s constructed makes it so easy to tell a story that will be clear and atractive.
You can use pictures and videos. No Plug-ins required.
Project is clearly layed out for easy navigation and customization.




Compatible with Vegas Pro 13 or newer !
1920×1080, 2K, 4K
Showcase your images or videos
8 Image/Videos Placeholders
Footage not included

11 Text Placeholders
No plugins required
Easy customization
Help file included
Project includes PreRender Elements !

The “modular” structure of this template is easy – to understand it better here is a small schematic for faster editing.

MEDIA HOLDER (Your clips go in here with the color effect/look you want to add)
SCENE # Timeline + Text – Final (Text edit in here and overall placement – this is your main timeline for each segment)
Intro-Outro (text projects for the big titles – edit text inside and you are all set)
FHD 2K 4K RENDER – Final timeline – render and or change transitions between segments


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